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Australian superstar-in-waiting Anthony Lister takes over both The Outsiders galleries simultaneously this November for a tour de force exhibition, Unslung Heroes.

For his all-new show, Anthony Lister – consistently described as “Australia’s best contemporary artist” – has used his sketchbook featuring portraits of hip hedonistic  revellers, drawn at revels he’s attended, for inspiration. The elegant and sophisticated figures in the paintings – also dubbed the ‘Party Life Series’ – may be a contrast to the obnoxiously intoxicated international youth of today. But this is exemplary of the artist’s most consistent theme: “I try to combine the highbrow and lowbrow,” says Lister, “creating analogies which allow the viewer to feel comfortable with subjects that maybe they’ve made snap judgements on before.”

This is the first time both Outsiders exhibition spaces have been given over to one artist since David Choe’s UK debut in 2008. Unslung Heroes opens to the public at both galleries on November 16th 2012.

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Instead of using a cliche script font, Melbourne based Art Director Josip Kelava designed his own type for the Melbourne Dance Company’s brand identity. The juxtaposition of the harsh font with the soft dancers creates an amazing visual dance in itself.

It’s no surprise that Josip also has an inspiring portfolio of work: